"As soon as I got my taping theme ("College Road Trip"), I did what any good "Wheel" contestant would do - prepare as much as possible! While the wheel itself is mostly out of your control, the puzzles aren't. One of the first stops for me was this compendium, where I took note of any college-themed puzzles that were on during the week the "College Life" category was used. From that, I made a list of key terms that seemed to pop up during college week puzzles. This same method can be used for the often tropically-themed prize puzzles. Looking through the compendium of recent seasons also gives you a sense of how puzzles are written in general. If you're going to be a contestant on the show (or you just want to be a better player at home), the compendium is an invaluable resource to hone your puzzle-solving skills!"
- Kevin Slattery, former Wheel contestant

"Through careful hours of show study, this compendium has served me in many facets. First and foremost, it has strongly served to answering questions about if/when a puzzle has been used. Additionally, to help me note trends in puzzle writing for would be players. Last but not last, it has helped me prepare in an infinitesimal number of ways for auditions I have had for Wheel itself over the years, and hopefully (eventually!) my own air date, at which point I would plan to genuinely study the entirety of the syndicated section as to best prepare. A true must visit one-stop shop for historians and all future players of the show!"
- Jessica Brand, Buy a Vowel admin

"The Compendium is an invaluable resource for research, as well as for practice puzzles that you can use for others to help quiz you. The Compendium absolutely was a key contributing factor to me winning $119,545 on Wheel of Fortune. Thank you for creating it and maintaining it!"
- Tony Harrison, former Wheel contestant and founder of the legendary Fabulous, 60-Minute Price Is Right Site

Welcome to the Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Compendium! With over 51,000 puzzles and counting from the daily syndicated run of Wheel of Fortune, as well as thousands of other puzzles from other runs of the show, from domestic to international to virtual. Perfect for game show historians, potential game show contestants, journalists from rural Massachusetts to the Big Apple, and just plain ol' fans of the show, the compendium has something to offer for everyone! Take a look and browse around, and if you like what you see, let us know - we love hearing from you!

  • 6/1/24 2:00 PM - Added Daytime 3/9/88.
  • 4/13/24 10:00 AM - Added 14 episodes from Season 10!
  • 4/12/24 8:00 PM - Added 10/9 & 10/12/92 (#1780 & #1781).
  • 4/11/24 5:00 PM - Added 9/27-29/93 (#1966-#1968).
  • 3/23/24 12:00 PM - Completed Season 23!
  • 3/19/24 1:00 AM - Added Daytime 4/5-7/88.

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