Guint Brown (Founder, Archivist Emeritus, Site Maitenance) started the compendium back in early 2012, initially just as a small little pet project to track all the puzzles used on the show, started with December 2011 and just tried to keep it up afloat. But then he got the inkling to start adding past seasons of shows into the compendium, slowly making his way through old recaps, puzzle databases, and old videos that have been posted over time. Eventually what started as a pet project turned into a massive undertaking. After giving off the compendium to whammy007 and tenpoundhammer (who did a great job, I must say), the compendium eventually went dormant, until three years later in 2017, when Guint and therealcu2010 decided to move the compendium over to Buy a Vowel Boards. Once that work was done, Guint stepped away from the day-to-day work on the compendium, but now focuses on much of the behind-the-scenes operations. Ten years later, he still finds it hard to believe that something he made while he was bored in high school would become a tool used for people finding episodes either featuring them or their family member, helping contestants study for the show, or even being featured in news articles.

trisspinner (Lead Archivist, Stats-Keeper) decided to make the huge commitment in 2017, once the compendium moved to its new home, to take over the day-to-day operations of inputting puzzle after puzzle for the compendium. He has done an impeccable job over the last half decade doing just that, helping lead the compendium through another influx of retro shows that have been unearthed - while still keeping up to speed on the present day.

Kev347 (Archivist, Researcher) joined the compendium team in 2022 to help our mission to archive the show's past. With the hundreds and hundreds of shows pouring in, it was clear that help was going to be needed to get all the puzzles in, so he quickly learned how to fill the charts and has been crucial in helping fill in several gaps in the compendium. His research and organization has been a crucial help in keeping to our mission to archive every puzzle Wheel has ever done.

Wayoshi (Analyst), after doing amazing work with python creating a searchable database for every show lineup, has now used his talents to create a search fucntion for the compendium in the Buy a Vowel Discord server, which is taking the compendium to a whole new level! His knowledge of coding has been invaluable across several game show communities.

woffan9821 (Grammars Good) totally doesn't help with the compendium at all and is only here to point out whenever we're wrong has become a major contributor to the compendium by being a tenacious retro recapper and extremely adept at fine-combing the compendium for any small grammar errors, which, given how quickly I would run through shows, there are certainly a bunch lurking. It's great to have someone on the team to keep the rest of us in check.

therealcu2010 (Head of the Table) pays the bills (with Monopoly money, of course) and keeps the lights on so the compendium has a place to live.

Special thanks to:
Adam S (wheelfan82), for his vast collection of Wheel episodes from the late 1990s and early 2000s., for providing a ton of recaps from the mid-90s.
Andrew (nowhammies11), for providing puzzles from Season 13.
Alex Braun (alexb1186), for providing puzzles from his collection, mainly from Season 14 on, and for verifying the dates of several episodes.
Bobby Peacock (tenpoundhammer), for maintining the compendium for many years, as well as creating the Wheel of Fortune History Wiki, the Bonus Puzzle Compendium, as well as searching out tons of old 90's episodes off of, finding errors galore for the appendix, and did I mention recapping?
Daniel Benfield (WarioBarker/Sajak), for helping with Bobby's timeline, creating a video archive, and providing most of the information for the Daytime Compendium and Appendix pages (as well as many pre-Season 7 puzzles).
Evil Petting Zoo, for its puzzle solutions from 2003-2008.
Gameshowguy2000, for adding tons of videos to Daniel's video archive and providing me the link to GSNN.
Game Show NewsNet, for its recaps from 2005 and on.
Kori Planston (mysterywedge/arcticthunder21), for doing lots of retro recaps on Buy a Vowel Boards, and doing some guesswork for puzzles from 2003-2005.
MarioGS, for providing some puzzles from the show, awesome graphics for the site, and for reviewing Kori's and I's work.
Scorpz, where I got the idea for the category frequency charts from.
Scott Bond (whammy007), for maintaining the compendium for many years.
Steve Munk (wheeldoc), for providing the puzzles from his shows.
Wheel of Fortune Solutions, which allowed me to play catch-up with Seasons 27 and 28.
All various members of YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, and RuTube, for putting up videos.
Every recapper that Buy a Vowel Boards has ever had, for both present and past. This list includes, but is certainly not limited to: an007, the aforementioned tenpoundhammer, tlc38tlc38, acwof, woffan4ever, mechamind, logicman27, and genius2751. Your exhaustive work has been crucial to helping the compendium keep up to date and accurate.
And finally, last but certainly not least, Jessica Brand (Prizes) and therealcu2010 for running the Buy a Vowel Boards site, for without it, this site would never have existed.

Want to help us out with the Compendium, whether it's a correction, a missing show, or just have a suggestion? Just follow the guide below to see who to contact and how to contact them:

  • If you have a suggestion for something you'd like to see on the Compendium, please contact Guint either through Discord or Buy a Vowel private message/notification.
  • For information regarding present-day Wheel shows that you would like to share or to offer a testimonial for how the Compendium has helped you out, contact trisspinner.
  • If you have access to a retro show or its puzzles that are not located in the Compendium, or for additions to the errata section, contact kev347 or trisspinner either through Discord or Buy a Vowel private message/notification.
  • If you spot an error somewhere in the Compendium, contact woffan9821.
  • For information or suggestions specifically regarding the bot program available in Discord, contact Wayoshi.
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