About the Compendium

When I started this compendium, it became a small little pet project to just start tracking all the puzzles used on the show. Nothing big, really, just started out with a month's worth of puzzles in December 2011.

What I didn't know is how massive this project would get.

Over time, I started spending unhealthy amounts of hours compiling puzzles endlessly, by watching shows and going through old recaps, and on and on and on, until somehow I reached over 18,000 puzzles. Never in my wildest mind did I ever think this project would have grown to be that big.

In fact, it got so big, that it got too big to handle for one person to handle. For a couple of years, Buy a Vowel members whammy007 and tenpoundhammer gave their all to keep the compendium running. But after a couple of years, it eventually went dormant, until therealcu2010 and I decided to revive a three-year old plan to move the compendium over to Buy a Vowel's hosting platform.

Now, I have given off the work to trisspinner, who has promised to keep the compendium running for everyone who has told me it has helped them, from DPG Hosts to casual fans, to actual show contestants. I thank everyone for their support over the last five years, and I wish you give Tris the support you gave me.

- Guint Brown, Buy a Vowel Director, Compendium Founder


Special thanks to:
alt.game-shows, for providing a ton of recaps from the mid-90s.
Andrew (nowhammies11), for providing puzzles from Season 13.
Alex Braun (alexb1186), for providing puzzles from his collection, mainly from Season 14 on.
Andy Nguyen (an007), for recapping shows from Seasons 26 and on.
Bobby Peacock (tenpoundhammer), for maintining the compendium for many years, as well as creating the Wheel of Fortune History Wiki, the Bonus Puzzle Compendium, as well as searching out tons of old 90's episodes off of alt.tv, and did I mention recapping?
Daniel Benfield (WarioBarker/Sajak), for helping with Bobby's timeline, creating a video archive, and providing most of the information for the Daytime Compendium and Appendix pages (as well as many pre-Season 7 puzzles).
Evil Petting Zoo, for its puzzle solutions from 2003-2008.
Gameshowguy2000, for adding tons of videos to Daniel's video archive and providing me the link to GSNN.
Game Show NewsNet, for its recaps from 2005 and on.
Kori Planston (mysterywedge/arcticthunder21), for doing lots of retro recaps on Buy a Vowel Boards, and doing some guesswork for puzzles from 2003-2005.
MarioGS, for providing some puzzles from the show, awesome graphics for the site, and for reviewing Kori's and I's work.
Scorpz, where I got the idea for the category frequency charts from.
Scott Bond (whammy007), for maintaining the compendium for many years.
Steve Munk (wheeldoc), for providing the puzzles from his shows.
tlc38tlc38, Buy a Vowel's current recapper, whose recaps we check frequently to make sure we get it right.
WayoshiM, for creating an HTML program that makes our lives easier.
Wheel of Fortune Solutions, which allowed me to play catch-up with Seasons 27 and 28.
All various members of YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, and RuTube, for putting up videos.
And finally, last but certainly not least, Jessica Brand (Prizes) and cu2010 for running the Buy a Vowel Boards site, for without it, this site would never have existed.

Want to Help Us?

We fully admit that the compendium is not complete, nor is it error-free (Guint wrote most of this from scratch in one summer). If you have any information that you would like to see added, spot any errors that need correcting, or even have ideas for how to make the site look better, please leave a thread in the Compendium Collection Center on Buy a Vowel Boards.

Frequently Asked Questions

This spot is for any questions that we have had about the compendium over its duration. However, since we just revived the site, you all haven't asked any questions!

If you have any questions that are not listed in the FAQ, please leave a thread in the Compendium Collection Center on Buy a Vowel Boards.
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