Below are links to various Wheel of Fortune and game show-related sites. If you have any links to add to this page, please PM forum Admin therealcu2010. Please check out these wonderful websites. Thanks, and enjoy!

Wheel of Fortune Information

Official Website
The official Wheel of Fortune website. Contains show news, bios, ticket/taping information, and upcoming episodes.

Wheel of Fortune on Facebook
Official show Facebook page. Contains behind-the-scenes photos and information from show staff.

Wheel of Fortune on Twitter
Official show Twitter feed. Home of Twitter Toss-up!

Wheel of Fortune History Wiki
An unofficial wiki with information about Wheel's past, made by site members tenpoundhammer, WarioSajak, and others. Contains excellent timelines of both the daytime and nighttime shows.

Wayoshi's WOFTracker
Detailed analysis of every Wheel of Fortune episode from seasons 29-35 can be found here, made with Wayoshi's excellent WOFTracker program.

wheelgenius' DeviantArt Gallery
Contains current and former layouts of the Wheel of Fortune wheel, among other artwork.

Bonus Puzzle Compendium
An (incomplete) list of actual Wheel bonus puzzles from 1983 to present.

Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Compedium
A website started by forum staff member Guint and currently maintained by trisspinner. Contains puzzles from the TV show, along with puzzles from games on this site.

Other Game Show Information

Game Show News Net
An excellent source for game and reality show news and schedules.

News and commentary about current game shows, along with GSN, to be found here.

(Invision) Game Show Forum
A top resource for game show news and discussion.

J! Boards
A fan forum about Wheel of Fortune's sister show, Jeopardy.

J! Archive
An archive of thousands of past and present Jeopardy episodes. An excellent resource for those who wish to be on the show.
A top source for news and information about The Price is Right, along with backstage photos and experiences.

Price is Right FAQ
A wonderful, detailed history of The Price is Right, run by Steve Gavazzi.

TPiR Stats
An excellent site of stats, calendars, and more, from The Price is Right's long history, run by Scorpz.

Pacdude Games
A stupendous site for games at home, work or special functions. Run by Cory Anotado.