Buy a Vowel Boards - Forum Rules and Regulations

Welcome to the Buy a Vowel Boards!

Here at BAV, we strive to be one of the top sources of information and discussion for America's Game, Wheel of Fortune. However, it would not be possible without a set of rules and guidelines, so we ask that all members please follow these rules. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to send a PM to a staff member. Thanks, and enjoy your time at Buy a Vowel Boards!

1. Please keep the foul language to a minimum. Seldom usage is okay, so long as it fits the context...but profanity-filled tirades will not be tolerated. Please be respectful.

2. No spamming or trolling. Unless you are promoting your own product that is officially assocaited with Wheel of Fortune, no posting links trying to sell shit. You spam, I ban. Simple as that.

3. Don't act as a back seat moderator. We have a very good moderation staff on this site, very capable of doing their jobs...we don't need your help. If you have a concern about something, please use the "Report Post" button to bring it to the attention of a moderator.

4. Please don't post just to post. This means no posts along the line of "This is my 73rd post" or "Me too". Any post violating this rule will be deleted.  Likewise, please remain on topic. Nobody likes reading a thread that's been derailed by a completely unrelated topic.

5. No negative remarks with regards to someone's age, sex, national origin, color, race, war veteran status, employment status, marital status, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Such remarks are offensive and carry serious consequences.

6. Only one account per person. Anyone making more than one account will have all of the accounts banned and/or deleted. This is to prevent spamming and/or returning banned users. If you previously created an account but forgot the login credentials, please send a PM to an admin within 24 hours upon creation of a new account.

7. Moderators and administrators have the right to edit, remove or delete posts without warning. Staff members should include a note with their edit (in a color different than that of the regular post) stating the reason(s) for said edits. Members who have posts moderated should NOT undo the modification, or delete the moderation text.

8. While some negative comments are allowed, please respect others' opinions, and avoid name calling. In addition, please do not call out contestants for nitpicky things such as calling a "common" letter on a low dollar value when they don't know the puzzle...remember, contestants DO read these boards. Most importantly, do not insult show staff or question their every little decision...they may also read these boards. The same holds true for the various stations that air the show. Remember, always attack the idea, never the person. Finally, there is no great anti-Wheel pro-Jeopardy conspiracy, so no accusing Sony or the stations of showing "favoritism".

9. When posting images to the forums, please make them no larger than 800x800 pixels. Instructions on how to re-size images can be found stickied on the forums. Images larger than 800x800px will automatically be resized by the forum software. Additionally, we ask that you refrain from abusing animated images, as they are annoying and cause hangups on slower connections.

10. All spoilers and details about shows yet to air not released by the show itself must be cleared by a staff member before they can be posted. In addition, details about individual shows are not to be posted outside of their respective recap thread until the following day. Violations of this policy will result in the post being deleted and a warning status added to the user's profile.

11. Copying another person or party's images, videos, or other material to which you have no rights to without their consent is equal to stealing. Stealing is against the law, and therefore illegal. We do not promote nor advocate piracy- it's not cool, don't do it. Infractions of this rule, even once, will result in a lifetime ban. If your post consists of links to download copyrighted material, don't post it!

12. You are welcome to use an avatar for your profile. You may select one from the gallery provided to you, or upload your own. The size limit for all avatars is 150 pixels by 150 pixels. Uploaded avatars must meet common decency guidelines and comply with all state and federal laws. In addition, we ask that you do not use animated avatars, as they are annoying and eat bandwidth. Avatars that do not comply will be removed.

On a similar note, images in signatures should be no more than 500px wide by 150px tall, and should be static images. Site staff reserve the right to remove any avatars or signature images for any reason without notice.

The forum Staff is as follows:

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